“The things we do not need to talk about!” A sneak preview of Corbyn’s Labour Conference speech – (featuring Owen Jones)

Pin Prick offers a sneak peak of how the Labour leader’s speech might come across on Wednesday.

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JC:    Thank you. Thank you.

You know people come up to me all the time and say: “Jeremy, what happened? The Tories, the so-called mainstream media and the pollsters all predicted you would lose the last election and yet you pulled off the greatest landslide in post-war history? How did they get it so wrong and you get it so right?” And I say to these people – “Owen, this is the new kind of politics! A politics of the many not the few. A politics that is very different to the intolerant Blair years, for the simple reason that Momentum won’t tolerate those people joining us any more.”


At the last election the British people sent out a very clear message. They said they’d had enough of austerity politics and the failing Tory government. The people spoke and what they said they wanted was for myself and the Labour Party to lead the country forward with Theresa May and the Conservative party at the helm.

I for one am humbled by the responsibility they have placed in my hands.


Conference, earlier this week rumours were flying around, that we were not going to discuss ‘something’; that we were indeed scared of ‘it’. Let me here and now address that thing, plainly and honestly, while not mentioning it explicitly in any way. The simple truth of the matter is that while there are issues, they can be compartmentalised into the things we need to talk about and the things we do not need to talk about. The things we need to talk about include ‘should I be a giant hologram?’  and ‘Oh! Look over there!” The things we don’t need to talk about include that thing we don’t need to talk about. And Ken Livingstone’s views about Hitler.

But still the voices of discontent rage. “Talk about the other thing!” they say, “the thing you aren’t talking about!” Well I am. I am doing that now. And in fact I am not sure how I could be making it much clearer. Our policy on it could not be more different from the Tories if we tried, in that our version of “it” will have a nice picture of a rose at the top – while theirs will not.

As Owen put it to me last night: “Why are Blairites so obsessed with discussing this thing we have no need of discussing? If you ask me, all the problems with modern Britain can be put down to centrist Dads on twitter. The country spoke in June 2016. Everyone should move on. And stop talking about it.”

I think he’s quite right.

Don’t you?