Tommy Robinson’s Big Adventure

Rumours that Tommy was standing on a box are completely founded

Last Saturday was Polish Independence Day – and 60,000 nationalists took to the streets of Warsaw to demonstrate their fealty to the state and shout all that White Genocide type stuff that is so in vogue. Poland has become something of a hub for far right activists and everyone’s favourite fascist punch-bag Richard Spencer was going to give a speech, but he didn’t turn up. Perhaps he realised at the last minute that everyone would be ‘foreign.’

Patriotic Poles shouted things like “White Poland! Pure Poland!” and “Refugees Out!” Poland is 99% white. There are no refugees. You could fit the Muslim population in a small town. But everyone was having such a lovely time strutting about like Nazis that those present who knew this stuff probably didn’t want to spoil the party for everyone else. There are also claims that a banner read: “Pray for an Islamic Holocaust.”

Poland’s Interior Minister described it all as a ‘beautiful sight.’ Flares were let off. Men in masks waved banners bearing the symbol of the 1930s Polish Fascist party

Into the mix – enter stage far right Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (a.k.a Tommy Robinson.) Tommy was there on behalf of his friends at Rebel Media to greet his friends on the Polish far right. ‘Tommy’ is on record as saying he doesn’t like Polish immigrants. Tommy is also on record as repeating over and over again that he is not a racist. So why he was consorting with known racists at an obviously racist event, on Polish soil – is something of a mystery.

Maybe he had nipped over to check they hadn’t sneaked into Britain while he wasn’t looking.

“Tommy” took some photos with right wing anti immigrant MPs and others and marched with the demonstrators.

Yaxley-Lennon with retired exorcist and Law and Justice MP Dominik Tarczyński

One awkward fact.

Saturday was the 11th of November – that most sacred day of British Remembrance. Sure Tommy was wearing his poppy, leaf in correct position (bet he’s meticulous about that) – but the irony that he was marching with far right Polish activists…… on Britain’s day of remembrance….. seems to have gone over his head.

There’s a very simple reason for that. He’s stupid.

I mean I could dress it up in nicer words. I could soften the blow. Give him the benefit of the doubt – but that’s it isn’t it. He’s thick. He has awareness in the same way that Telly Savalas had hair. This protector of British values, this diminutive football hooligan with all the charm of road-kill – lacks the two attributes which Britons were once famed for – a sense of humour and a finely attuned sense of irony.

Perhaps we get the racist leaders we deserve.

On his way home “Tommy” had a spot of trouble at Stansted Airport. It seems that our Border Force hadn’t received the memo about “uncontrolled borders” and the other one about how “anyone can walk in.” He got stopped, of course he did – the man is literally a hate preacher and our Border Force is really rather good.  Yaxley-Lennon and his chums have called time and time again for us to take back control of our borders – but it seems that when those borders apply to him – oddly – Tommy doesn’t like it.20171113_101134