Goodwill Ambassador Tommy Robinson and the charitable “foundation”

In between flogging his boring book and denouncing lefties, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon a.k.a “Tommy Robinson” has been tweeting intermittently about how he has been appointed a “Goodwill Ambassador” for a charitable foundation called the MMBF Foundation.

The Foundation itself carried the exciting news yesterday while managing in the process to misspell “Robinson”:

Calling all creatives, artists, actors & filmmakers! MMBF Trust has teamed up with Tommy Robinson to offer you opportunities & funding to kickstart your career.”

So first things first. Why would a film foundation, apparently set up by a black Zimbabwean migrant entrepreneur be dishing out titles to the UK’s premier diminutive immigrant hater?


The ‘news’ was excitedly reported on the website of the impressive sounding Essex TV in again rather garbled English (noticing any coincidences yet) and in several news outlets I had never heard of – with impressive sounding titles.

Tommy declared himself “humbled and honoured.” 

Quite apart from why anyone would make convicted fraudster and football hooligan Yaxley-Lennon a “goodwill ambassador” obvious questions arise. Chief amongst those is the obvious one. Who is this young entrepreneur Matthew Martino?

matthew martino
Matthew Martino via Wikipedia

Wikipedia is surprisingly expansive on the subject – if the English is a little broken at times. Matthew Martino (real name Mathetes Chihwai) is a 25 year old media proprietor “best known for his philanthropy.” There’s a rather odd anecdote about Alan Titchmarsh – oh – and he is a Grand Master of the Royal Order of the Lion by order of HM King Kigeli V of Rwanda

Mathetes’ father Denias Stanford Chihwai ran or runs a marriage advisory agency called “Marriage Builders, the Ezekial Project” out of a flat in Bexhill and “was” a Director of – Hope – a registered charity. The family appear to live in a house in Harlow.

Matthew seems to be dishing out money left right and centre and has promised to put Yaxley-Lennon in charge of £100,000 worth of grants to give to young film makers.

Where has the money come from?

This young man seems to have done very well. He’s an investor in Essex TV and when not writing columns runs a media empire that has titles including  The Daily BritSussex ChronicleHertfordshire HeraldBritish BuzzLondon Post and Northern Recorder….. impressive huh?

Dig a little deeper however and they all seem to be off the shelf blogs, littered with the same spelling and typographical errors. “Peadophile” is a prolific example.

There are three possible explanations for all of this. Matthew Martino might well be exactly who and what he claims to be. Or he could be a fantasist who has managed to flatter his way into Yaxley-Lennon’s circle – have those cheques been honoured? Or…. is something else going on?

I have an open mind. Answers on a postcard.